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6 concrete masterpieces by Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando is world-renowned architect, famous for using concrete to create dazzling buildings. He’s designed everything from churches to apartment buildings. Besides concrete, he designs incorporate the use of natural light as much as possible. We list some of his top works here.


  1. The Church of Light, Osaka

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The Church of the Light was completed in 1990’s as part of a renovation to an existing church. The Church is famous for the cross facade. While it’s not particularly special from the outside, the cross cutout gives the chapel a whole new aesthetic. Almost haunting.


  1. Omotesando Hills, Tokyo


The ritzy hills of Omotesando is full of designer shops, Meiji-era architecture and this fitting Ando-designed shopping mall in his signature glass-and-concrete combo. Tenants include Harry Winston, Chloe and Max Brenner.


  1. 21 21 Design Sight, Tokyo

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This building was designed by Ando in collaboration with Issey Miyake. The museum’s structure is modelled after a flowing piece of cloth. Floor-to-ceiling glass allows the maximum use of natural light.


  1. Langen Foundation, Germany


The Langen Foundation is a museum dedicated to Oriental and modern art. Ando wanted to create a tranquil space where visitors could admire the works in relative peace.


  1. Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe

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Kobe was devastated by a 1995 earthquake, forcing the city to rebuild Ando designed this building with strength and security in mind. The museum is located next to the water and has a harbourside plaza for visitors to relax


  1. Glass House, South Korea


This is a museum located on the grounds of the Phoenix Island Resort, with the surrounding landscape designed around it.