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Concrete finishing; accessories

Your concrete floor has cured and the furniture is back in place. But are you happy with the overall look? Homeowners and budding interior designers are more ‘on point’ with decorating trends thanks to home renovation television shows dominating the news. Concrete isn’t just for driveways, pathways, and wall rendering anymore. It’s the cement icing […]

Using concrete resurfacing and other tricks to revamp a tired space

Your home or office is looking dated and you know it’s time for an overhaul. But you don’t have the money for a full-on renovation. We have a few alternatives that will save you the cash while still giving you an amazing result.   Concrete resurfacing This time tested method makes tired old surfaces look […]

How to stay sane during your renovation

Before the renovation starts, you’re seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses because you’re so excited about living in a ‘new’ home. But reality will hit hard if you’re not prepared. Tasks that come with renovation like the heavy lifting, concrete cutting, and the noise the power tools let loose is enough to drive anyone to […]

6 concrete masterpieces by Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando is world-renowned architect, famous for using concrete to create dazzling buildings. He’s designed everything from churches to apartment buildings. Besides concrete, he designs incorporate the use of natural light as much as possible. We list some of his top works here.   The Church of Light, Osaka The Church of the Light was […]

3 areas you can spruce up with concrete work

Home and office improvements need to be done from time to time and concrete work is a practical, cost-effective solution.   The garage It’s a place to park the car, and you mightn’t see it as much else. But the neglect builds up over time until all you’re left with is a space dotted with […]

10 stencilled concrete design ideas

Stencilled concrete isn’t a new innovation, but it’s a popular option for homeowners wanting to renovate, and for investors wanting to put the finishing touches on an investment property. You might’ve seen some of these patterns before on someone else’s landscape and decided you want to ‘borrow’ one for your own.   Flagstone This is […]

Get creative with your concrete driveway

Homeowners refresh their concrete driveway when they’re looking to sell, or just looking for a change. With property prices soaring and people becoming pickier about style, the driveway is the easiest outdoor area to take care of when renovating. the average concrete driveway has come a long way from being a grey slab with exposed […]