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How commercial concrete projects are different

Councils and businesses tender commercial concrete contracts to refresh tired or unsafe spaces. Concrete specialists like Fenix get the call for projects like this because they have the right tools and experience. These in turn lead to short turnaround times. ‘Commercial concrete’ defines a project that’s not residential. It’s a broad area including office blocks, […]

How concreting adds value

Concreting is done before almost everything else  during a building project. It’s a base material that nobody pays much mind to, until something needs to get done. Concreting adds value to properties in various ways, not just monetary.   Tough as concrete The material, when poured as a slab combined with rebar, withstands a lot […]

Concreting at home: finishing touches

A lot of thought goes into concreting – it’s not just pouring liquid cement into a mould and waiting for it to set. After the technical aspects like tensile strength and dimensions are settled, the fun things are next.   A little polish Or not. Domestic concreting projects, like interior flooring, will need a polished […]

Five Questions About Concrete Driveways

Home upgrades are important for fixing up a “dated” home and adding resale value when the time comes. Old, cracked or generally unpleasant-looking driveways are one improvement people might not give much thought to, but they really should. Driveways can turn into a money pit when not laid correctly.   Do I need a base […]