Get the professionals to put up the foundations

How to stay sane during your renovation

Before the renovation starts, you’re seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses because you’re so excited about living in a ‘new’ home. But reality will hit hard if you’re not prepared. Tasks that come with renovation like the heavy lifting, concrete cutting, and the noise the power tools let loose is enough to drive anyone to breaking point. That’s why we compiled this list on how to stay sane.



  • Plan A, B and C

We don’t live in a perfect world and there’s always going to be unexpected obstacles  during a renovation. This can be anything from busted pipes to uneven ground. This is going to stress you out if you’re not prepared.

Think of the worst possible scenarios, write them out and make contingency plans accordingly. Better to be over prepared than not at all.


  • Call the pros

Don’t attempt a DIY build unless you have the skills. You wouldn’t pour a concrete slab or erect a timber frame unless you know how to do it!

Get the professionals to put up the foundations

Get the professionals to put up the foundations

Some tasks you can do yourself but if you want to stay sane, let the professionals do theirs. You can help carry out debris, do some of the painting, and help them out by making decisions. Indecisiveness is a tradie’s worst enemy.


  • Make little goals

Take it room by room, week by week. Don’t stress out over the whole build, just focus on what you’re doing at that moment. That way you know you’re completing the task properly.


  • Stay accountable

Everyone documents progress on social media or blogging, whether it be weight loss or house renovations. The ultimate form of accountability? Reality television, but you’re not going that far.

Start blogging and show off your progress

Start blogging and show off your progress

You’re keeping yourself accountable as well as boosting your ego a little bit when showing your progress for the world to see. Before and after pictures will wow the world and you can take pride in saying ‘I did that’.


  • Keep your goals in view

You’ll ask yourself ‘why am I doing this?’ multiple times. Write your goals out and pin them up somewhere visible. People renovate their homes because:

  • They want to provide a better home for their family
  • They want to achieve something meaningful
  • The house is an investment/something to make money

Goals can even be an ideas board of what you want each room to look like.


  • Make a refuge

Find yourself a space in the house or somewhere you can decompress when the stress just gets to you. It’s natural to feel like you’re going to  to explode during the renovations at some point. The trades are late, the money is getting out of control, or the family  is just getting on your nerves. It’s just a temporary situation. Find a safe place for yourself and just breathe/read a book/have a coffee.

Coffee shop, finished room or some other place; make it yours to decompress

Coffee shop, finished room or some other place; make it yours to decompress


  • Do something for the trades

You’ll feel good doing something nice for others. And they’ll also appreciate the gesture. Tradies working on the renovation have laboured long and hard. They’ll get paid for it, but do something unexpected to say thank you. Have a sausage sizzle or just bring out tea and Tim Tams en masse. Things you don’t have to do, but want to, go a long way.

Hold a fancy sausage sizzle to say thank you

Hold a fancy sausage sizzle to say thank you


  • Be excited

You have the right to feel tired, cranky, frustrated and tired (again). But this is an exciting time because you’re building something meaningful.


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