Using concrete resurfacing and other tricks to revamp a tired space

Your home or office is looking dated and you know it’s time for an overhaul. But you don’t have the money for a full-on renovation. We have a few alternatives that will save you the cash while still giving you an amazing result.


Concrete resurfacing

This time tested method makes tired old surfaces look brand new. The surface layer is scrubbed/sanded and a new layer of concrete replaces it. The contractor can go through the options with you. A polished or acid-stained finish is a popular concrete resurfacing request. It’s a great neutral palette for you to dress the room up as you like.


Modern home foundations are made of concrete. If you have a carpeted floor, that’s what you’ll see when it gets peeled back. Concrete resurfacing will brighten up the dull layer considerably and cost you less money.



Believe it or not, you don’t always need paint to improve your walls. The surface looks grimey because a layer of dust and dirt has built up over the years. A simple way to brighten things up is to break open the sugar soap and wipe down the walls. If you do end up painting anyway, this is a necessary step.



After the concrete resurfacing, you’re left with a beautiful floor. Why not get some homewares to match it? The ‘industrial style’ trend has exploded in recent years. Think exposed brick/rendered walls, cement floors, and old metal pipes used in light fittings.

Check out stores like Etsy for concrete accessories to match your new look

Check out stores like Etsy for concrete accessories to match your new look

Concrete homewares are easy to find in an interior design shop or online. There’s so many to pick from it’ll be hard to decide. You can get shelves and coffee tables, all the way down to paperweights.



This is one of the most inexpensive things you can do to revamp a tired space. You’ll be surprised at how much useless junk takes up the shelf/cupboard/garage. How long has it been since you used that tennis racquet or the surfboard? Get ruthless and start cleaning! It’s hard work but the satisfaction at all the extra space is worth it. The charity shop will appreciate the donation, too.

Clean up. Seriously.

Clean up. Seriously.